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Welcome to Patchwork Heroes
Hey, and welcome to the old archives for Patchwork Heroes. I recommend starting at the very beginning, or browsing through our archives.
Please note that, while you are in the archives, the First and Last buttons will jump you to the first and most recent Order Of Thorns comics. This is because that's how I set the archives up. Sorry.

- Friv

Patchwork Heroes is hosted on Comic Genesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.
All sprites are modified versions of characters, objects and places from the Square video game Final Fantasy 6, and are therefore the property of Square. The modifications were made by me, so don't use them without permission. Thanks.
Want to donate to me? Well, please don't. See, because I'm not using my own work, if I accept any money than I'm violating a large number of copyright laws. Sorry. I suggest some needy charity.