This is where any art that gets made goes, mine or otherwise. It's also where I put up fun stuff that isn't strictly speaking related to the comic.
If you like the comic, send in your stuff! I'll put it up and give you full credit. If you do send something, include your name/nickname that you want it to be up under, an email address (optional), and a website (also optional). The gallery is subdivided by category.

Guest Strips for Patchwork Champions

Happy 100 strips - From Wub and Rik (2006 / 06 / 28)

Gift Art For Patchwork Champions

The Team - From Neona Nightshade

The Team - By Ephraim Ellis, courtesy of HeroMachine

Guest Strips for Patchwork Heroes

An Extra Special Birthday Comic - as drawn by Kris (2003 / 04 / 15)

The Relief from Writer's Block Fan Comic - also done by Kris (2003 / 10 / 10)

Casting Call - A Guest Strip by Dave of Critical Fumble (2004 / 02 / 19)

Important Announcement - A Guest Strip by Chibi Chib Redmage (2004 / 03 / 24)

Neona Nightshade's Massive Musical Tribute! - A Massive 8 MB Music Video! (2004 / 04 / 24 )

Moving Day - A Guest Strip by Kris (2004 / 05/ 19)

The Green Pill - A Guest Strip by Kris (2004 / 06 / 13)

Script Change - A Guest Strip by Kris (2004 / 06 / 13)

King of the World - A Guest Strip by R. Wunderlick of B Movie Comic (2005 / 08 / 29)

Gift Art for Patchwork Heroes

- Character Portraits, by Neona Nightshade

Tikara Randelle - Drawn by Neona Nightshade.

Kasaii Weaver - Drawn by Neona Nightshade

Asural Minth - Drawn by Neona Nightshade

"Not the Strawberries You're Looking For" - Drawn by Urban Samurai
"Dana In Action" - Drawn by Urban Samurai

"The Orbs of the Incarna" - A lovely desktop-sized background drawn by Sian

Other Patchwork Heroes Gift Stuff

Wallpaper - A wallpaper created by DragonSage007, using the character cards he made. Very cool.

Animation - An animation made by Wyld, in five parts.

Patchwork Heroes Extras (by me)
My 100th strip animation extravaganza

This is where my one-year animation extravaganza can be found.

The 2004 April Fool's Webpage. It is NOT an error page! Read it carefully!

My New Sprite Work

Sketches #1 - Various Heads
Sketches #2 - A Small Bald Sprite (abandoned idea)
Sketches #3 - A Face to Call My Own
Sketches #4 - The Head of Prata Taip
Sketches #5 - A head with decent hair
Sketches #6 - Daniel Kincare, In Progress

Other Art
Chibi Theatre - An interesting online game I was part of.

Kyle Greene and company, as drawn by Neona Nightshade. and described by yours truly

The Rent Control Cast - Designed primarily by me, drawn entirely by Neona Nightshade