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Saturday , May 24 , 2008

Well, the final comic is more sappy than funny. I sort of see-sawed between the two, but my melodramatic sappiness won out. ;)

And on that note, why not come down to the new site, which you can conveniently find right here!
Yes, that's right - the site that the serials will be hosted on from here on in, alongside a new and hopefully fully-functioning forum, will be the Patchwork Champions site at Wikidot. This will mean manual updates, so you can expect the occasional hilarious link screwup, but I think it has the best balance of what I need and what I can afford (the latter, of course, being nothing).
The first serial update will be Monday morning, very early (probably shortly after midnight, although it may be as late as 1 or 2, depending on what happens). Until then, you can meander around the site, request access for forum names, and the like. You won't actually need to register to make forum posts, but I imagine anonymus posting will get old fast.
This site will be remaining up, hopefully indefinately. I'll post tiny things every month or two to keep it alive as a functioning archive of the first two and a half years of the story.

- Friv Yeti

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